What is the Sailor’s Box?

Sailor’s Box is the world’s only sailing and boating subscription box. We are setting a standard in the marine industry as a premiere retailer to discover new boating and nautical products. As well as providing boaters with useful items they rely on from trusted name brands. This includes seasonal boating gear, maintenance items, safety equipment, books, clothing, novelties, and featured products from our partners. Sailor’s Box is the ideal way to get marine products that you will use in everyday life and aboard your boat! We actively reach out to industry leaders and experienced boaters to make each box represent essential needs and information our subscribers will appreciate and use.

How does it work?

Once you subscribe to Sailor’s Box you will be entered into the available subscription box. We operate as a seasonal (every 3 months) subscription service. Meaning you are billed every 3 months for each seasonal box you receive. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, leave public reviews of our service, and even request a refund / replacement of any items you receive. We strive for absolutely perfect customer care for each of our subscribers!

Every Sailor’s Box is hand packaged by a sailor or boater just like you! We are very detailed in our inventory and fulfillment process to ensure you receive everything you should in each box. We use USPS for delivery of every box and use their newest automatic update tracking technology to make sure your package is never lost in the mail, even if we are delivering international or to remote places.

How do you customize my box?

Upon subscribing to Sailor’s Box we send you an email questionnaire that asks you about your sailing location, sailing conditions, vessel type and style, projects you are currently undertaking, interests, preferences, and other basic needs. This questionnaire helps us improve your experience using our service and offers you a completely unique subscription that is tailored specifically for you. You can even update your preferences and needs at any time during your subscription!

Will Sailor’s Box help me manage and maintain my boat?

Yes! Our goal is to ensure every subscriber’s annual needs are met for regular maintenance and management of their vessel. This means your needs for annual engine care, safety replacements, winterizing, hull and sail care, etc are all fulfilled by your continued subscription. This helps you from avoiding issues and keeps every Sailor’s Box subscriber prepared for anything. Avoid getting caught in a tough spot running to the store for something you forgot about, or worse yet, in an emergency situation that you cannot handle. Because your box is customized for you, we always ensure these kinds of preparedness and maintenance goals are specifically tailored to your sailing area, vessel type and style, and similar general needs.

So my box is customized just for me, but will I still receive the featured products and books of the month?

Yes! We get as many subscribers as possible every featured product or book we sponsor! However depending on the product, sometimes limited quantities are available.


If you have any additional questions or concerns about billing, delivery, or subscribing feel free to contact us at sailorsbox@gmail.com


Want to partner your business or product with Sailor’s Box? We are constantly looking for new products to feature in Sailor’s Box! Feel free to contact us at sailorsbox@gmail.com